Sarah Partain is an aspiring author, currently searching for a literary agent. Her first book, Insert Name Here, is 69,000 words long and bursting with sarcastic remarks.

Sorry, enough with the formalities.

Let’s get to the good stuff, okay? Yes, I’m an aspiring author. With a blog. Shocking, I know. Most authors keep their blogs purely professional, but to be frank, I’d get bored of that in about 2 minutes. I want to do something different. This blog won’t be centered around writing or reading (although they may be mentioned); it’ll be centered around the little random things I’m centered around.

Things I’ll Post About:

  • Short anecdotes from my ridiculously awkward life
  • Completing lifelong goals in 90 days
  • Certain topics that may cause you to rethink your life decisions (Oh, just wait, young one . . .)
  • Being healthy without working out daily or watching what you eat
  • How to not hate your life while writing papers for school
  • Being broke, but still doing what you want
  • What I’ve learned from being a teenager with an ambitious dream
  • Thoughts on video games, anime, books, art, etc.

Not interested in any of the above? Don’t worry, I’ll bet my unfiltered sarcasm and brutal honesty will be enough to keep you entertained.

If you want to know more about me and my passion for literature, check out the “Books” tab.